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Assisting Seniors receives 
glowing testimonials from its clients.

Here are just some of the wonderful words of appreciation we have received from grateful clients
and their families.

"I know Mom would say this to Amie if she could...Thank you for the friendship and the beauty you bring to life, the love, laughter and light you shared...

"Amie cared for my mom as if she was her own mother.  Throughout the two years of her mental and then physical decline, Amie treated her with respect and love.  She engaged Mom in various tasks every day enabling Mom to continue to participate in many of her normal activities.  This helped Mom find purpose in life.

"I appreciate Assisting Seniors at Home for making it possible for my mother to remain in her home.  No facility, no matter how beautiful can replace your own home.  The professional one-on-one care provided gave me peace of mind to go to work or even on a vacation without worrying.  I know that Mom received far more joyful attention from the Caregiver than I could possible provide.

"We were blessed to have found Assisting Seniors at Home.  Nick and all the caregivers made a positive difference in our lives.  I cannot recommend them highly enough."    Carolynne H.

"Nick, just a note to say thanks for everything you guys do.  Robin was a blessing and took great care of my Mom.  It was a pleasure working with you and through this hard transition for my Mom.  Robin's companionship & friendship helped her in so many ways.

"Thank you and keep up the great work!"  Diane H.

"Mother was very lucky with the aids that assisted her.  Lucy was perfect for that time in Mom's life.  Mother enjoyed Rosene and the forays into the outside world even it it was only to go to the doctor and hopefully lunch.

"We cannot say enough about Tina and Sade, especially at the end.  Mother came to love them a lot and they felt the same about her.  They kept Mother comfortable and clean which is very important as one moves closer to death.  Mother left this earth on her terms and her way but these two dear sweet women helped her along the way.

"Even though Mel was only there for a short time she was also very caring to Mother.

"Thanks again."  Natalie and Paula

"Tessa is a wonderful caregiver with always a positive attitude.  Your caregiver Ed has been the main stay in this family.  I always felt confident he knew what to do to help my aunt.  Whether it was helping her organize her pills or getting her appointments.  He did his best to help her look groomed everyday, doing her hair and makeup.  What man does that for an aging woman. 

"He helped with her physical therapy and gave her a year back of her life after chemo, so she could walk again with her walker.  He continued to care for her when she was abusive due to her feelings of losing control of her life.  He gained our trust and respect in all avenues of my aunt's care.  His honesty and patient character make Ed a blessing in our lives."   Marie S.

"Maria, the caregiver, could not have done a better job.  Absolutely the best experience of dealing with people and the most loving care of my Aunt that anyone could hope for.  I am just glad we found them."  Jesse M.

"All three caregivers are wonderful with my mom.  They are truly angels!  Nelia has been with mom right from the beginning and is a very special friend."  Pauline L.

"l just heard from Mom and I can't tell you how thrilled she was, both to be able to attend the Mass, and with your company.

"Thank you, Thank you -- you made her comfortable, she thought you were terrific and I heard you even bought her a tart.

"You have my vote...and my gratitude."   Ann W.

"Thank you very much for helping us manage the care of my father.  Your positive outlook, flexibility and expertise in finding and managing just the right caregiver will always be remembered by our family.

"Again, we thank you for extraordinary service."

"Warm regards,"  Janet A.

"I just wanted to let you know that your choice in connecting us with [your caregiver] Susan has been a great thing.  My Mom loves her, and she has been very hands on and a great communicator, as I live in Florida."  Peggy E.

"Thank you for all your help to keep my Mom comfortable in her home.  Please make sure Vicky doesn't leave Assisting Seniors!"
Ruth D.

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